The energy transition is rapidly changing our world, but not fast enough. To increase renewables and lower the consumption of fossil fuels, we need to increase the flexibility in our grid and energy demand. Most people are aware of solar panels, wind mills, batteries and electric vehicles. Yet, they are unaware that matching their energy consumption with varying renewables will make them even more sustainable.

FLEXCON 2017 is a new international conference that brings together parties who share the common goal to engage consumers in the flexible energy revolution. In our Flexible Energy Lab we host a wide range of Smart Energy technologies and services. Through our workshops and inclusive talks we will co-create new smart energy services and business models related to topics like smart grids, blockchain, energy markets, demand response, transactive energy, smart homes  etc….

FLEXCON 2017 is organized by the Flexiblepower Alliance Network (FAN). Flexiblepower Alliance Network wants to contribute to a renewable energy future by promoting open-source standards for flexible energy demand, matching the variations in renewable energy, paving the way for a fully renewable energy future.