The energy transition is rapidly changing our world, but not fast enough. To increase renewables and lower the consumption of fossil fuels, we need to increase the flexibility in our grid and energy demand. Most people are aware of solar panels, wind mills, batteries and electric vehicles. Yet, they are unaware that matching their energy consumption with varying renewables will make them even more sustainable.

FLEXCON 2017 is a new international conference that brings together parties who share the common goal to engage consumers in the flexible energy revolution. In our Flexible Energy Lab we host a wide range of Smart Energy technologies and services. With this, international hands-on development- and designteams will create new smart energy services and business models related to topics like smart grids, blockchain, energy market simulations, Automated Demand Response, near-realtime forecasting etc.

FLEXCON 2017 details


20 – 21 November 2017
LocationPakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Website https://www.flexcon2017.eu

Conference audience

FLEXCON 2017 brings together the whole international eco-system needed for innovation: business representatives, entrepreneurs, energy professionals and technology experts. We want participants to go home inspired by knowing that flexible energy is around the corner and easily implemented. The technologies are there; our workshops will teach you how to use them.

We will host 200 top smart home and smart energy professionals, including 80 systems- and business developers that will actively learn how to implement your technology. Since it is our mission to accelerate the use of renewables, we have a very low admission fee of €50 for the 2-day event, mainly to cover catering costs.

FLEXCON2017 Ecostystem.

Conference setup outline.

  • Hands-on development and coding sessions on flexible technologies.
  • In-depth knowledge workshops for energy professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Business tracks on strategy, vision, regulations, policy, markets etc.
  • Flexible Energy Lab: A venue full of smart home devices, Electric Vehicles, batteries, solar panels, smart meters, API’s, platforms, where 80 innovators in 20 teams will co-create MVP flexible energy solutions.
  • A great sponsor networking dinner, invite only.
  • Showdown / contest of developed MVP’s in gamified scenario.


An impression of the topics we cover: Blockchain, Automated Demand Response, Smart Charging, IoT, smart heatpumps, energy trade, algorithms, AI, to off-the-grid, smart grid, microgrid, smart home appliances, near realtime forecasting…

Partnership with FLEXCON 2017.

As a smart energy supplier you are in the perfect position to educate consumers and prosumers on energy flexibility. Why would they want this? Because they can save money and save the earth by using more renewable energy!

FLEXCON 2017  offers two ways to display your technology or solution: technical/functional workshops and exposition stands. FLEXCON is a practical conference, so focus will be centered around the workshop space. Please visit our partner page if you want to know more.

FLEXCON organizing partners

The Flexiblepower Alliance Network brings together market-leading partners to enable a controlled and reliable energy transition


European Utility Week is the premier business, innovation and information platform connecting the smart utility community.

The SEDC is the European industry association dedicated to making the demand side a smart and interactive part of the energy value chai

We hope to meet you at FLEXCON2017. We hope to meet you at FLEXCON2017. If you want to contact us, please click here to send us a message.

Adriaan van Eck
Event Producer FLEXCON
Flexiblepower Alliance Network

Alexander Krstulovic
Flexible Energy consultant FLEXCON
Alliander DSO

Have a coffee with us at European Utility Week, 3 – 5 October in Amsterdam!

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